How Can I Block a Number Calling My Mobile?


You can block a number from calling your mobile by having the option of setting individual numbers to neither ring nor vibrate your phone, in which case you will still receive the call, but there is no danger of it interrupting you. You can also contact your cell provider as some companies offer call blocking as a centralized network service. Another option is to use the secondary incoming call number, as intermediary services give you a new number and allow you to straight control the circumstances under which every contact's calls are forwarded to your phone.
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1. Keep telemarketers from calling your mobile phone by adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry. Telemarketers have 31 days from when you registered to stop calling you. Your
1. Note the time and date the blocked call was received. Keeping a record of what is said during blocked phone calls is also important. Heavy breathing and hangups should be noted
That depends on your telephone company, and possibly on where you are and what make and model of phone you have.
There is no way to block a single number from any mobile
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To block a number from calling your mobile number; request the 'line block' from your cell phone carrier. This blocks the number permanently.
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