How Can I Check My Cell Phone Bill?


Checking your cell phone bill depends on which service you are using. If you are on AT & T, you can call 611 to check your phone bill. For other phone services, call your service providers for further assistance.
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1. Get online and go to Find the login window on the right-hand corner of the page and log in if you are a registered user. If you are not registered, simply click "
The best way to check cell phone records is to contact your carrier and ask for a printout of all calls made with the phone. This ensures no fraudulent charges are being made.
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1. Open your web browser and visit the AT&T Wireless website. 2. Type your wireless number and password in the provided fields under the "Manage Your ...
Go to the company's website, click the login button. Enter username and password. There are options to view cable, internet and one option is for cell phones. ...
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