How Can I Check the History of My Computer?


If you are wanting to check the history of your computer you have to access your computers history folder which is typically located in the documents. You can get to this file by clicking on the My Computer tab and choosing it from the pull down menu.
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1. Open your web browser by clicking on the icon on your desktop. This is most likely Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. 2. Click the "history" button on the lefthand
Answer you can go to internet under favorites category on xp operating systems and check history on the right hand side. you can also use search function on your computer and type
1. Contact the Social Security Administration. It has several reports that can help you construct your work history. 2. Contact your previous employers to ask for personnel files.
1. Use your Internet browser to go to 2. Select your state from the drop down list provided and click "Request Report. 3. Fill out the provided form with
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