How Can I Cheer up My Boyfriend?


There are several ways in which you can cheer up your boyfriend. Determine first what is making your boyfriend sad, and try to distract him from it by engaging him in other activities that he enjoys. You can take him to a sports event or a concert.
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1. Ask what is bothering him. Before you can cheer him up, it will help to know the source of his sadness, and it will make him feel better to know that you care about what is going
1 Talk to him using simple words and gestures. Just saying "What the hell is wrong with you (insert boyfriends name)?" isn't gonna cut it! Be more simplistic. Maybe say
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Start being a good girlfriend and show him that you are his.
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Sweet text messages can cheer up your boyfriend. You can tell him how much he means to you. You can also remind him of little things you love about him. ...
To make your boyfriend smile, just be yourself and be cheerful. A sure way to make him smile is to say 'I love you'. ...
The way to make one's boyfriend happy again is to ask him what can be done to cheer him up. Try taking him out or buying him a gift. Show him he is appreciated. ...
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