How Can I Clean a Cloudy Mirror?


Clean a cloudy mirror with vinegar. This is a really good mirror and glass cleaner. Use a soft cloth or paper towels to wipe clean. Ammonia may be used as well.
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White vinegar and crumpled newspaper does a good job. The vinegar is acid which removes the mineral deposits.
1. Wipe the cloudy marble with a damp sponge. Clean any dirt or stains on the marble's surface. 2. Sprinkle enough marble polishing powder to cover the cloudy spot. Gently rub the
1. Get a soft cloth, or a special piece of cloth your glasses came with. Ad. 2. If you have some, grab your glasses' cleaning liquid. If you don't have any glasses cleaning liquid
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There are a couple of different ways you can clean a cloudy mirror. Put white vinegar in a spray bottle, then apply it to the mirror. Wipe it clean with wadded up newspaper. Or try applying regular shaving cream on a lint-free paper towel. You can find more info at:
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