How Can I Clean Fingerprints off My Laptop Screen?


You can clean fingerprints off your laptop screen by using a soft, lint-free piece of cloth that has been moistened with water and then gently wipe the laptop screen either vertically or horizontally until the fingerprints are no more. Note that use of any other solvent like alcohol destroys the anti-glare of the screen, so stick to plain water.
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1. Turn off the laptop or set the background to black. This will make it easier to see any smudges and fingerprints. 2. Dampen a soft, lint-free cloth with a small amount of deionized
Some companies like Kensington and Fellowes make screen wipes that are excellent for cleaning your laptop screen. If you have a glossy screen eye glass cleaner and a soft rag like
Even if your laptop has a laptop screen protector, it still needs to be cleaned, so you may be searching for methods on how to clean a laptop screen. You can purchase commercial products
I use this tip to clean of all sorts. Get a eyeglass microfiber cloth and get the small little bottle sprays to clean your eyeglasses. Like the Costco brand or Wal-Mart. Spray once
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Laptop screens can often become full of dust, grime, and fingerprints, so it is important to clean the screen periodically to have a clearer view of the images ...
To remove finger prints form a LCD screen use lens cleaner and a soft cloth. Wipe in a gentle manner moving in one direction, repeat gently until clean. ...
You only need to things in to clean the screen of your laptop. A slightly wet lint free cloth, and tissue paper or clean soft paper. First,wipe the screen with ...
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