How Can I Copy Music from Youtube to CD?


To copy music from youtube to CD, you need to download the youtube downloader. Follow this link for more information.
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1. Go to YouTube and locate the video whose music you would like to transfer to a CD. Click on the video. 2. Copy the URL of the video by highlighting the URL in your web browser.
You must first be sure that your computer has a CD ROM burner installed. If so, you can use Windows Media Playerto burn songs to a CD ROM. Just add the songs you wish to burn the
You can copy, or burn, music to a CD or DVD using Windows Media Player or any other
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How to Copy Music From YouTube to a CD
YouTube is a popular hub for video and media that often contains content that is hard to find elsewhere. Fortunately, in more recent times, it has become possible to add music taken from YouTube videos to your personal music collection. Converting... More »
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Place the audio CD into the CD-ROM. Start Windows Media Player and select 'Copy from CD' from the menu on the left. Once Media Player has updated the artists and ...
To transfer music from CD's to your MP3 player, first rip them into the PC hard drive. Connect your MP3 player to your computer and copy the music files. Music ...
Music that is copied onto a DVD+R disc will not play in a CD-playing car stereo. If, however, the car has a DVD function, it is possible to play music that way.DVD ...
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