How Do I Permanently Delete AOL Emails?


To delete your AOL email account permanently, first you need to enter your current account by signing in. Then, provide the answer for the security question you had set when you created the email account. After that, from the 'I want to' section click the 'cancel my billing' link and then click the 'How do I cancel my free member account?' Finally, a pop-up will be displayed and you can then delete your account.
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1. Do not to your email account for six months to automatically deactivate it, if you're closing a free account. There is no way to fully delete an AOL email account tied to an AOL
I had a friend looking for this too, AOL makes it SO hard to delete your account, try this info i found: To cancel your AOL account, call 1-888-265-8008. Or mail AOL at PO Box 65100
This can only be done from the Master User's account within AOL. Without access to that login, the email account cannot be removed.
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