Double My Money?


You can double your money by using the rule of 72, where you determine how many years it will take for your investment to double by dividing 72 by the return rate of your investment. You can double your money by buying debt instruments, which are sold by corporate and governmental entities to finance their business activities, and also by buying stock when others are selling it.
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There are many potential ways that someone can double their money. One good and legal way is to go to the casino and have a bout of luck at the card table.
1. First you will need the amortization schedule for your mortgage. This is usually included in the set of documents your mortgage company provides you at the beginning of the loan.
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If you wish to double your money fast, you will need to investigate on how to do that. One way might be to buy some stock. You could also purchase some merchandise ...
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Double taxation is when income is taxed twice. For example, when a company makes money, that money is taxed as revenue. If any part of that money is given out ...
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