How can you email Oprah Winfrey?


Interested parties can send emails to Oprah's personal email account by addressing messages to This is her personal email address that she publicly shared via her Facebook page in 2011.

Although Oprah claims to read as many emails as possible, there are other ways to attempt to get a response from either Oprah or one of her representatives. The "Contact Us" page of her website lists contact email addresses for website technical support or questions about her magazine.

The website also provides a page for magazine readers to share questions, concerns, feedback or general comments regarding features found in issues of O magazine.

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Her personal email address is not available to the public. You can find her business email for letters on her website: Please remember that her's_...
1. Write a letter to the "O Magazine" editor. You can respond to any "O Magazine" article, via electronic submission, and there is no word limit. 2. Contribute
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