How Can I Extract My Own Tooth?


You can extract your own tooth through a number of ways. The easiest way is to eat hard foods such as frozen chocolate. The next procedure to look for a tough slim string and gently put it on the loose tooth you wish to extract. Finally, start pulling the string slowly then increase the speed until the tooth falls off.
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The most common way to pull your own tooth is to tie a string to it. Tie the other end to a door, stand far away and have someone slam the door. Poof! No more tooth. If it isn't loose
1. Anesthetics will be administered at the dentist office before the procedure and the mouth will remain numb for awhile varying on the type of anesthetic received. Be careful not
How to pull you're own tooth yes it can be done. For the following you will need one clean pair of pliers, one clean wash cloth for padding around the tooth, some beer or strong liquor
1. Make sure that you definitely need your teeth removed, because once they are removed, that is it. They won't ever grow back in again, unless you are having your milk teeth removed
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