How can i find a part for a kenmore model 15812511 sewing machine, part number 36353?


Sear Parts Direct has a large database for Kenmore model 15812511 sewing machines. However, they no longer make the part number 36353, and suggest calling (800) 252-1698 for more help on this problem.
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If there are parts still available from Sears, you'll want the full model number, which will be of the form 123.4567890 The part of the model number that's actually useful is the
I’m looking for the part that you place on the spool pin after you put on the spool of thread. It holds the spool in place while you’re sewing so that it doesn’t
I have recently inherited a Kenmore model 84 sewing machine that is in great working order but it only had the regular presser foot and three bobbins with it. In doing research on
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It easier to find parts of Kenmore appliances if one knows the model number of the appliance. This also makes sure that those are the designated parts for that ...
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