How Can I Find an Address from a Phone Number?


To find an address from a phone number, look for an online Reverse Phone Lookup service which allows someone to enter in a phone number and immediately lookup who it is registered to. If there is a match for the phone number, it shows the registrant's first, last name, and mailing address.
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Reverse Telephone Search
Enter the Telephone Number with area code:
You can find an address from a telephone number on several websites such as anywho by doing a reverse search. You enter the area code and the telephone number and the name and address will appear.
You can use a phone number to find an address from Register and search
The online reverse phone detective is one of a few services which allow one to lookup cell phone numbers. It has one of the largest databases used by individuals as well as companies who want to get information about people.
In UK, it is possible to get an address from a telephone number. At times, it is a simple as entering an area code and telephone number into a websites parameters, and getting the feedback for where the number is registered to. One can perform this search on the anywho's reverse lookup website.
The best way to find an address from a phone number is to search that phone number online. Google and Bing will sometimes give you results for phone numbers, but there are also sites that are dedicated to searches of these kinds such as Intelius, Anyhoo,,, and PeopleFinders. Simply input the phone number into the search bar at one of these sites and you should be able to find the address that is linked to that number. Some of these sites won't give you any results without paying for them, and sometimes the results are not accurate.
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You can find phone numbers with the address by doing a reverse lookup on an online phone directory site. You enter the address and hit search. If a match is found it will come back
1. Open up a Web browser and go to any search engine. 2. Search for reverse look up or go directly to the White Pages online (see Resources) 3. Input the number on the directory that
Search the internet for "reverse directory" The ones that will give unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers charge a fee, but any published numbers are available.
1. Enter the phone number on a website like Melissa Data. Searching by phone number generates a list of every instance of that phone number, listed alphabetically by location. Find
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