How can I find an old friend in the UK?


There are various ways to find a lost friend in UK. You can find him or her by simply searching their name on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo as well as checking blogs. You can also find your friend's whereabouts by searching online either using public records or privately owned databases that contain phone and address records.
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Finding an old friend in the UK or anywhere is now easy all thanks to the internet. You could use the Friend Search in most of the social networking sites. You could also contact any of the family members or any mutual friend whose contacts you have. You may also try sending a letter using their old address with 'Do Not Forward; Address Correction Requested' on the envelope. The post office will return the mail to you with updated contact information of your old friend.
To find an old friend in the UK, you can use the people finder research service UK. It is a small business research service based in Peterborough, England since 1994. They have specialized in locating people living anywhere within the UK.
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