How can you find your birth father?


If you have lost your passport, apply for a new passport to get your passport number. You must include the fee and proper identification. You can replace a passport through the mail or in person at passport agency. The passport number is usually located on your passport on the page where your photo is on the top right hand corner or alternatively, on the bottom of the first page. You should always keep a copy of your passport.
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If you want to track and find any member of your family with whom you?ve lost contact with, the ?Find my Past? website is the best place to go. With an extensive database of births, deaths and marriages dating from 1538 to 2006, and personnel who are qualified, this is the place to consult.
To find your birth father, you can do the following; check military records, place a newspaper ad in towns where you think your father might have lived, talk to the neighbours if you have his previous address, take a road trip to towns where your father lived, contact genealogical societies and websites, search newspaper archives and check family Bibles as family birth and death information is frequently written in them.
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