How can I find my birth mother?


A number of things that can help you locate your birth mother. First is to find out the names of your mother by locating your birth certificate as your parents names are listed there. You can also contact the hospital you were born in for any information or speak to an adoption agency in case they handled your case. You can also contact the government at the local and federal levels. Ask for an original certificate of birth the petition of adoption and the adoption decree. These documents will normally have the names of your biological parents and will help you in the finding of your mother.
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How to Find Your Birth Mother
One question many adoptees ask is: "Why?" To answer that question they are using whatever means necessary to contact their birth parents. There is even a television show based solely on a gentleman who works to reunite adopted children with their birth... More »
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You can trace your birth mother or parent by obtaining a copy of your birth certificate. However, only people who are aged 18 and above are legally allowed to access their original birth certificate. Your birth certificate will include your mother’s maiden name and the address that was registered at the time of your birth; this information should be helpful in tracing your birth mother.
If you are 18 years or older, you can legally access your birth certificate which should contain your mother’s name and the address that was registered at the time of your birth. You can also get in touch with the Adoption and Permanence team which will assist you through the process, on this number: 01323 747154.
If you are aged 18 or over, you are legally allowed to access your original birth certificate. The birth certificate will most likely include your mother?s maiden name and the address that was registered at the time of your birth. Tracing your mother may be an emotional experience, so to help you go through the process you can call the Adoption and Permanence Team on the following number: 01323 747154.
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