How Can I Find My Phone Using GPS?


In order to find your phone using GPS, gather data from three nearby cell phone towers. By comparing the relative strength of the signal between these towers in the service area and placing the figures into a complex algorithm, you are able to find your phone within 100 meters or so.
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The phone needs to respond to the e911 rule that requires it to transmit the location data when you make a 911 call.
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1. Find out if the cell phone you are trying to locate is equipped with GPS. If it is a smartphone or a 3G phone (Third-generation) it will certainly include the feature of GPS. Older
Cell phones are so widely used you can find one just about anywhere. Inexpensive phones can be bought at your local convenience store. If you want an advanced phone for a cheap price
The short answer would be the same way you would find anything else. You need to install a GPS tracking application on your phone, prior to losing it, of course. After that, you can
The position data is sent to the cell towers.
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