How Can I Find Out How Much My Old Postage Stamps Are Worth?


To find out how much a postage stamp collection is worth, look at stamp catalogues. Stamp dealers would also have prices that can help you gauge how much you stamp collection is.
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1. Navigate to the United States Postal Service website (see resources) Scroll your mouse over the "Postage Options" tab. Then choose "Stamps" from the scroll
Mint US stamps are worth their face value to use as postage, so use yours that way, if you need postage. Otherwise, your stamp has negligible value ( less than 50 cents retail) ,
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The current cost of a postage stamp is 44 cents. Other charges or fees may apply for larger packages.
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Most postage stamp price values are listed somewhere on the stamp. If you are still doubtful of the worth of the stamp you can take it to your local post office ...
A 1st class postage stamp in UK is worth around 46 pence. You can see it in ...
A mint untouched sheet of the Marilyn Monroe stamp is valued at 39-50 dollars. This stamp came out in 1995, with her bright red lipstick, platinum blond hair, ...
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