How can I Find Out How Old my Refrigerator is?


You need to find your refrigerator's model number and then use the look up link below or other resource. The best place to look for the model numbers on the door jams, behind the kick plate, or behind the lower crisper drawer. Model numbers can be made up of numbers or letters and numbers.
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1. Wait until major holiday sales if you are looking for a new one. These events are widely used to clear out existing inventories to make way for the next string of models, so you
1. Does it need to have a freezer? If not, think about getting a freezer-less option. They offer excellent storage space. If it does need a freezer, where do you want it? You have close window. Print. How to Determine the Age or Manufacture Date of a GE Appliance. The manufacturing date and year is coded into the serial number of the appliance
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