How Can I Find Out How Old Someone Is?


There are a number of ways one can find out the approximate age of an individual. You can log on to a social network and check the person’s age on his/her profile. You can also use public records such as a birth certificate or identity card.
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How to Find Out How Old Someone Is
"Never ask a lady her age" is one of the oldest social rules in the book. But there are online tools that can help you determine a person's exact age or, at the very least, get you into the ballpark without offending anyone. All you need is a good... More »
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The easiest way to find out how old someone is, is to ask them. If they don't want to tell you how old they are you can try looking them up online, you can get so much information online.
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You can find some one online using Social Networking sites like Facebook & Myspace. You need to register there and make your profile. Then using search option you can find someone
finger, thumb, or foot prints recorded on any type of documentation including learners permit, drivers license, if yes then they have there information and would be willing to give
To find someone online, first go to a social networking site such as Myspace or Facebook. If that fails, try searching for their physical address using an online people searching
This really depends on why you are trying to locate the person. If you are seeking the person for legal reasons, you can contact the ombudsman for the Army. Otherwise, try looking
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To find out how old someone is, you can log onto a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace. If you don’t have a profile yet, it is easy to create ...
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