How Can I Find Out If I Have a Judgement against Me in Ma?


Since court proceedings are public information, you can check the website of the city or state that you live in. Also, if there is a judgement against you, a lawyer will probably contact you very soon.
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1. Call the courthouse. Ask the clerk's office to look up your name to see if there have been any judgments filed against you. Some clerks will just give you the information over
If its a lawsuit that ended as a judgement, you can check with the circuit clerk and they should be able to give you more information. Judgements are also usually listed on your credit
The judgment is just the final rendering of the judge or jury's decision in a civil case. It might include a finding that one party owes money to the other. It might include a declaration
If you have an idea what court would have issued the judgment, contact the clerk of courts. You can also pull a copy of your credit report and look under "public records"
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