How can I find out for free if someone got married?


It is possible to find out for free if someone got married by checking local public records at the county's library. There are also several online sites that provide public record information for people throughout the United States that allow querents to search first and last names. If the name typed into the search box matches records that are free to the public, the information is listed for free.

In addition to searching free public records, the Internet makes it easy to find long-lost friends and family members. Sites such as Facebook and Myspace are free of charge, and member profiles often list relationship and marriage statuses. Social networking sites allow members to hide certain information from the public, however, and if this is the case with the individual the querant is seeking, the two must add each other as friends before information about current relationship statuses are revealed.

In addition to free sites, there are also search engines that offer non-public information for a fee. These sites search multiple records that include birth records, marriage records, arrest records and court records. For a one-time or monthly fee, customers are granted access to otherwise private information. It is important to approach sites like this with caution as they are accessing information in an unethical fashion.

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How to Find Out if Someone Got Married for Free
You can utilize free resources such as websites and social networking to find information related to the marriage of two people. There are services available that will locate appropriate records, however, the fee is normally too pricey for a simple task... More »
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