How do you find out if someone is divorced?


Information about someone's marital status is not necessarily difficult to find out. You can find out if someone is divorced in the County clerk’s office. You can also find out through the internet, in a website like;
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How to Find Out If Someone Is Divorced
When conducting a background search on a person, you may discover a need to find out if that person has been divorced. In the past, this type of check required a purchased computer software program. In the information age, however, one can find this... More »
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You can now find out if someone is divorced on the internet. Simply have internet access and your credit card to access the records.
The National Archives is the best place to find divorce records. The vast number of databases available will allow you find any record on this.
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Asking someone for a divorce should typically not be done through a letter. This is a serious decision with lifelong implications, so perhaps it is best to discuss ...
To find out if a divorce has been filed, contact your attorney and ask for a delivery receipt. You can also perform a public-records search online either at a ...
In Texas as of 2014, there is no waiting period to remarry someone that you've divorced. However, if you wish to marry a person other than the one you have just ...
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