How Can I Find Out If Someone Is Legally Married?


You can find out if someone is legally married by getting their detailed information like the first name and last name, date of birth, driver’s license number and look up in public records. Also, you can use the marriage record research, using the person’s phone number and if it is listed in the directory. The other option is to ask the person in person if they are legally married or not.
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1. Go to Public Record Finder (see Resources) This public record's website allows you to find out if an individual is married or not. You do need a bit of information to get started
To find out if someone is legally married, you need to know the person's legal name and the state in which she was married. You will probably also need another piece of identifying
Well most of the time people have a ring on their left ring finger. Also if they have wedding pictures. You need proof. may be able to make the necessary connections between the old and new name. Just put in whatever info you do have. (I work for them) Embed Quote
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How to Find Out if Someone Is Legally Married
Finding out whether someone is married can be as simple as asking them, but there are also public records available. Find out how to research public records or hire a private investigator with advice from a dating coach in this free video on... More »
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