How Can I Find Out What Flight Someone Is on?


It is quite difficult to find out if someone is on a flight. This is because flight operators are not allowed to disclose such information to anyone unless they have a court order. The only way to find out therefore is to first get a court order and then visit the airline.
3 Additional Answers
One can find out if someone is on a flight by first having an official authorisation to inquire about such information. Also have some information about the person such as passport number, flight number and other such details. Next contact the airlines involved who will check their databases and divulge the information to you.
Unless at the request of a government agency that has obtained a search warrant to view the information on a flight manifest, it is illegal for one to be given information on passengers in a flight as the airline companies exercise customer or client confidentiality.
It is against the law for airlines to give out personal information and therefore an individual cannot be given the list of passengers travelling in a plane. However, you can find other flight information such as departure and arrival times online at flightarrivals, flightstats and flightaware.
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