How can I find out my exam results?


Exam results are mostly found online or sent to your home address depending on which centre you took your exams at. If you would like to access your results, check with your examination adviser or your examination board for further assistance.
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To find out your exam results, you should approach the examination board whose exams you sat and they will help you get your results. This is because the Local Authority (LA) is not required to keep records of examination results or certificates.
To find exam results, you need to contact your secondary school to find out the educational board that handled your test administration and contact them. Each of the five bodies is contacted in a different way and this contact information is available online. Once a student completes a GCSE exam, he/she is normally awarded a certificate by one of the five educational boards.
Exam results can send via email and text after activating your account on time. Otherwise, you receive them through the post. You can as well contact the school you attended during the exam and request your result document from the education board that handled the test.
To find out your exam results will depend with when you did your exam and if it is long time ago it will be quite challenging. The first thing to do is to either call or visit the school or universities where you learnt and ask since most schools keep records. If the exam was administered by a certain examination board you can check with their records.
To find examination results, you need to make a formal application to the examinations body AQA. To do so, visit the body's website and download a PDF format application form. Fill the form and take it to AQA's nearest offices and wait for the 28-day period for your results to be posted.
One can get their results published on the website of the institution where they sat for their examinations, by logging into their relevant accounts using their passwords. For national exams, you can check the official website which will have a list of students and their pass grades.
Depending on the examining body, you can always get your results through visiting their offices, having them send the results directly to you or by accessing their websites. For example to access your ACCA results in the UK, all you need is to register online on the site accaglobal.
In order to find your exam results, you will need to fill out an application with AQA. This group also offers free confirmation letters for anyone who may need to have his results verified. AQA also provides results if the original certificates have been lost through theft, fire, or floods.
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