How can I find out the year in which my house was built?


You can find out the year in which a house was built by checking its details in the nearest Land Registry offices. The staff in the offices will give you the records of the house including its architect, year of construction and the area of land that it covers.
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To find out the year a house was built, you can contact your local government and speak to the department that issues construction permits in your area. You can also contact your county courthouse for deed records for the home or view the public records for the house if you can't find the deeds.
To find out the year your house was built, check the general architectural build of the house. Houses made of a timber framework with brick on the ground floor were built from 1485 to 1603; those made of stone with thick walls that continue two feet above the roof were built in 1630-1714; and if your house is built along a cul-de-sac it was built from 1901 to the present. You can also pay a visit to the local county council to check on the records.
You should go the office of the Municipal Corporation / Government and to the department of residential buildings. Carry the exact name and registration number of the society. The registry of property office there should have a record.
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There are several ways of finding the year your house was built, they include; checking the state's public assessment records that is usually on online real property ...
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