How Can I Find Out Who a Car Is Registered to?


You can find out who a license plate is registered by visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles. You should be in a position to demonstrate 'reasonable cause' for requiring the information and they will be in a position to provide you with the information. You can also hire a local private investigator because they often have access to databases of license plate numbers.
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You can find out who a car is registered to first by jotting down the license plate number and the state where the vehicle is coming from. From this, you can obtain the registered owner's by visiting your local department of motor vehicles because plate information is protected in secured databases and only licensed investigative professionals can access them. Other back-door methods to finding this information include Internet searches and accident reports.
The Driver?s Privacy Protection Act prohibits access to personal information such as the identity of a driver or his/her address. However, any legal requirement for requesting the name of the owner of a registered car can be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles, where the car is registered.
You can simply find who the car is registered to using the license plate number of the car and contact Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also known as DVLA. Alternatively, if you would want to find information about a person's car you may hire an agency or someone to find out for you.
To find out who a car is registered to, use the license plate numbers and browse through the many databases that have such information.
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