How Can I Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs to?


To find out whom a phone number belongs to in the absence of caller ID, use a reverse directory. You can also search the numbers on a phone number search engine.
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1. Determine the phone number for which you are seeking an address. Obtain the number, area code and, if necessary, country code of the number you will be looking up. 2. Open up one
You ask the person you got the number from, or ring the number.
1. Type in the number in a search engine. Ad. 2. Put quotation marks around the entire number. 3. Look at the results. If it is a telemarketer, many times you will find other people
1. Call the number back and ask the person who answers for his identity. Alternatively, text the number with a message such as "I don't recognize this number. Can you please
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Reverse Telephone Search
Enter the Telephone Number with area code:
You can find it online. Below are some links that do the reverse lookup:
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