How Can I Find the Owner of a Telephone Number?


In order to find someone's telephone number, you could use a phone book. There are also numerous websites where you can input the person's name and state and you are able to get the person's home phone number.
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How to Find the Owner of a Telephone Number
Although once considered a bonus feature, today, caller ID has become a standard feature for most phone users. A quick look at the screen and you know the phone number that's calling you. Unfortunately, however, caller ID does not always provide the name... More »
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The best way to find an owner of a telephone number is to call the phone number and ask the person who answers the phone. If this is not an option, then you do a reverse phone number lookup. In this instance you would put in the phone number and it would return the information that is connected to the phone number. Sometimes the only information provided is if it is a landline or a cell phone number or the area that the phone number is found in.
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1. Do some research. An unlisted number is a telephone number that is private and not found in telephone books, so try to find out as much information as you can about the unlisted
It is very simple if you are connected online. Go to yellow pages or white pages, insert the name of the person or the company you search for and hit the find button. It should give
+49 is a number in Germany. You'd be unlikely to find out who owns the number as it's not general practice for directory enquiries to match a number to a name. WikiAnswers will not
1 Visit a whois search tool . Ad
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There are several ways in which you can find the owner of a telephone number in the UK. You can begin by looking through the Directory White pages, which should ...
To find the owner of a mobile telephone number, you can use a reverse lookup on the internet. Several reverse look up directories exist that can help you search ... offers detailed information on how you can find the owner of a telephone number. When searching for the owner that is listed for a telephone ...
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