How Can I Find Unclaimed Money Owed to Me?


There are many ways to find unclimed money owed to you. You can check with your state treasury department. You could also hire a private investigator to search for you.
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How to Check for Unclaimed Cash
Every year tax refund checks, unemployment checks and other official payments go unclaimed. In addition to those items, many consumers simply lose track of their bank accounts, brokerage accounts and other property. When that happens, the money is kept... More »
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1. Locate the website or phone number of your state comptroller, controller, or financial controller's office. You can start by using the National Association of Unclaimed Property
There are a number of search sites online that will allow you to search most, if not all, states for unclaimed funds. The search methods aren't precise, and if you hit a match or
1 Collect the names and past and current addresses for yourself and/or any others for who you want to search for unclaimed property. Ad 2 Go to www.,
This depends on your state law. Generally, you have one year from the date of death to file a petition to open an estate in Probate court. Court documents are public documents. If
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You can determine if you have unclaimed money owed to you that is being held by a state by contacting your local state treasurer's office. But you could have money ...
The process of finding unclaimed money which is owned to someone begins by visiting websites like Missing Money. Companies and the governments collect this money ...
There are millions of dollars of unclaimed money that is owed to the right owner. Most people do not know that there is money coming to them. Sometimes the money ...
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