How Can I Fix My Bruised Lip?


A bruised lip can be fixed by smearing ice on the bruised mouth. The ice will stop the flow of blood to the mouth thus preventing swelling. For more information visit your nearest health center.
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You cant fix a bruise its blood cells under the skin you have to wait for it to go away.
1. Incorporate food and drinks rich in antioxidants into your diet; try lots of brightly colored vegetables, as well as green and white teas. These help to slow the skin's aging process
...i was playing soccer and the ball hit my chin/lower jaw pretty hard. It was bleeding a lot. but it looks like the gums are just shaved off....i really don't know.. regular bleeding
The extensive network of blood vessels in the mouth area promotes quick healing.
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You can apply ice to a bruised lip in order to fix it. Alternatively, you can apply a salve in order to ease the pain and swelling. ...
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To fix a busted lip you will want to make sure that you apply a cold compress to it to bring down the swelling. You will want to lake sure that it does not get ...
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