How Can I Fix Velcro?


To fix Velcro that has lost the power to hold, use a brush with dense bristles. This will fluff the loops up to help grab onto the hook side of the Velcro. You can also remove any lint and threads from the hook side.
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1. Inspect both elements; you may find that grit, hairs and other detritus have become snared in the "teeth. 2. Use a child's comb or cat brush to brush out such obstructions
can you snip the top layer off alittle bit so the velcro will stick again just enough to take all the hair and the other junk off and maybe it will stick again.
Love Bum Genius. Not loving their velcro. We have some diapers that have been used for <6 months and the velcro won't stick together whatsoever. If my son moves the slightest the
Generic hook-and-loop fastener tapes are often referred to by the Velcro brand name that made the fasteners popular. The fastener comes in various sizes and colours, and can be applied
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How to Fix Velcro
Velcro is a clever way in which to attach clothing straps, shoe straps and more. It consists of two elements -- a fuzzy soft side and coarse side. These fix together to create a binding that can withstand the usual rigours of everyday wear and tear. Over... More »
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