Where can I Get a Copy of my High School Yearbook?


Locating an old high school yearbook might be depending on how long ago the book was printed. Some schools and libraries have yearbooks archived and usually allow you to photocopy the pages you need. The high school is the best place to start as the
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How to Get a Copy of My High School Yearbook
A high school yearbook is a compilation of the entire year, and a photographic index, of all of your school's students, teacher and faculty. Years after graduation, a high school yearbook allows you to remember students that made you laugh and cry,... More »
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1. Contact the high school where you went to school. Sometimes schools keep old yearbooks, although they may only have one copy from each year. The school may allow you to look at
Answer Locating old yearbooks Most public libraries and college libraries house copies of local high school and college yearbooks. While they are not for sale, they are usually available
I would say contact the school you graduated from. If anything; they might be able to lead you to where you need to go if they can't get you your book.
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You can possibly get a copy of your high school yearbook by contacting the high school that you went to. There may also be copies in the local public library. ...
Call, send an electronic mail or jot down your high school even writing an epistle to your high school's borough workplace. Ask for a copy of your yearbook or ...
Finding High School yearbooks is very fun. A good place to for the yearbooks you want is to look in the school's library. If they don't have the ones you want, ...
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