How can you get a free Yahoo email address?


To create a free Yahoo email address, simply go to, hover the mouse over the "Sign In" link at the top right corner of the page, and click Sign Up on the drop down menu. When signing up for a Yahoo email address, a person has the choice of a free email address or a paid option.

After clicking the "Sign Up" link, a screen pops up that asks for personal information. Here, the name on the email account can be customized. If the desired option is not available, one can choose another from the list of suggestions or recreate another.

After naming the account, one is instructed to type a phone number in a designated location. It will be used to recover the email password in the event it's forgotten or the account is hacked. Add up to two telephone numbers and a separate active email address to be used as a means of recovery.

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How to Make a Free Yahoo Email Address
Yahoo! is a media company best known for its Web portal, free e-mail, search engine and instant messaging application. Yahoo! Web portal is very similar to those of AOL or MSN, including the services they provide such as news, weather or personals.... More »
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