How Can I Get Custody of My Niece?


Before applying for custody, consult a solicitor specialized in this field. He will instruct you on the best course of action.
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1. Obtain a blank copy of the Petition for Custody from the clerk's office of the courthouse in the county where your niece currently resides. Custody of a child, referred to as Conservatorship
him and Kim adopted her when she was born because her mother, Kim's twin sister, dawn, was a drug addict. her birth name is Amanda but Marshall and Kim changed it to Alaina when they
To get custody of a niece you would have to prove that both parents of the child were not fit to raise the parent, as well as the grandparents (in most states grandparents are 'second
The law has to get involved. A friend I work with just had to do this. The Mother ended up in Jail and him and his wife had to go get live scanned before they could get his Niece
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A person that has grand mal seizure, may not have a very good chance of getting custody of her niece and nephew, because typically people that have disabilities ...
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