How Can I Get in Contact with Angelina Jolie?


When you want to contact Angelina Jolie, you can do so through her manager, as you cannot contact her directly. Her manager’s address is Geyer Kosinski, Media Talent Group, 9200 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 810, West Hollywood, CA 90069.
2 Additional Answers
Angelina Jolie can be contacted through her managers or publicity attorneys. The star is managed by the Geyer Kosinski, Media Talent Group, which operates from Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood while her attorney's contact is Robert Offer, in Beverly Hills. Angelina Jolie can also be contacted at film events, fan websites as well as her charity work venues.
Angelina Jolie is an American actress born in the year 1975. She has won an Oscar and been nominated more than fifty times for movie awards. There are no direct contacts for the actress but using the contact data base or through either her manager or attorney.
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