How Can I Get My Dog to Gain Weight?


You can get your dog to gain weight by first taking them to the vet. There are a lot of worms and disorders that prevent weight gain in dogs. If the dog doesn't have worms or a medical condition ask your vet to recommend a high protein high calorie diet.
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If your dog needs to gain weight, feed them more often. And when you feed them, pour bacon grease or fat on their food. This will help them gain weight and will help their fur.
1. Take a trip to the veterinarian. This is necessary for a few different reasons. Your dog needs to be checked for worms and other illnesses that may cause it to lose weight. Your
hey eat much and exercise less. than supposed to.
1. Make sure there is no underlying reason why your dog is underweight. It would be advisable to get a vet to check your dog out but if your dog is underweight because of spending
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To get your dog to gain weight you need to be sure it is healthy and free from worms. Give the dog a high protein dog food and plenty of exercise. If the dog ...
To get your dog to gain weight you will want to feed him or her a high fat diet. You can give your dog some extra grease and table food, but dont do it too often ...
To get a dog to gain weight you need to increase the amount of good, high quality dry dog food you are feeding it. Give it two or three bowls a day. You may want ...
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