How Can I Get My GED for Free?


At this time there is not away to get a GED free. However you can take the GED practice test free. There is also free online help to prepare for the GED. You can find more information here:
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How Can I Get My GED for Free?
To earn your GED, start with a pre-test to predict your score and to give you confidence on the final test. Free online courses can give you the one-on-one help you need. You can also buy GED practice tests at a book store or read them at a public... More »
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You can get your GED and not spend any money. The test is free. If you feel you need to find instruction before taking the test, you can enroll in free GED programs at schools in
1. Locate the GED Administrator for your area and find official GED testing centers in your state, province or territory. You must take the GED Tests and receive credentials through
This site give you 7 day free trial to over 1500 online courses, which allows you to try it before you pay for it. but after 7 days you need to cancel if.
You can try GED for I provided the link for you. If you have any more
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You can get your GED online or through the school system. Go to your local school board and get the paperwork you will need to take the classes. ...
If you are a high school dropout and want to get your diploma but can't a GED is the next best thing. There are many programs that offer a GED and you can find ...
To get your GED online, you need to find a great school that is accredited. If you were not able to get your high school diploma, this is an alternative. Contact ...
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