How Can I Get My Money Back?


When you buy something from a shop you automatically enter a legally binding contract. Therefore you can’t simply ask for a refund just because you changed your mind. You can only do this if one of your statutory rights is breached i.e. if the item is damaged, of poor quality or not fit for purpose.
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1. To count back change you should first start by saying the total amount the customer should be paying you. You should follow this by saying the value of the money the customer hands
1. Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of refinancing. Before you rush into a huge financial decision just to get some cash, study how the process works. Refinancing a home loan
The U.S. dollar is not money but legal tender. Federal Reserve notes are "backed" by all the goods and services in the economy.
There are lots of exceptions, a wide range of different options, but the most common course is that the angel investors, like all the investors, are going to turn their investment
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To count money back to a customer, state to them how much their total bill was. Then, hand them any loose change and bring the amount to a whole dollar. Then ...
The money supply in the US is backed by the purchasing power of money. This is backed by gold reserves. The biggest gold reserve in the US is situated in Fort ...
A horse would typically cost you around seven dollars in the 1800s. However, seven dollars was quite some money back then. This is roughly equivalent to 7000 of ...
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