How Can I Get Replacement House Deeds?


All registered titles are now held digitally by the Land Registry, i.e. the title deeds are now stored on the Land Registry's computers. You can request for it at This means that you can obtain copies of them whenever you want. They are usually able to replace them the same day that they are ordered.
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Whenever preparing any kind of legal document it is always best to have an attorney review it. To add a person to a house deed all you need to do is make up a new deed conveying the
1. Visit the local County Clerk's office or the office of the Recorder of Deeds. To locate the office, look in the phone book under county offices. In many counties the Recorder's
1 Decide what kind of deed you want to transfer. Most transfers between family members are done by quitclaim deeds. Offer a warranty deed if you want to include a statement that you
The owner of the fee owns the equity in the property. The life estate holder only has the right to use and possession of the property for life. However, the life estate holder must
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To replace a lost Property (House) Deed you need to contact the Clerk/Recorder of Deeds at the courthouse of the county where the property is located. ...
A deed of a house is the paperwork that ultimately entitles ownership to one or more persons. The deed to a house, like the title to a vehicle, is received by ...
A deed to a house is a legal document that assigns the ownership of a house and transfers the title to the property. It contains terms, restrictions and covenant ...
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