How Can I Get Rid of a Computer Virus without Downloading Antivirus Software?


The method of removing a computer virus without downloading an antivirus depends on the particular virus you have. There are instructions for the manual removal of many different viruses online, you just have to find the appropriate one. Many involve editing the registry and deleting files.
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1. Visit a website that allows you to do a free virus scan. Examples include BitDefender and Kaspersky (see "Resources" 2. Click on the "Scan" button. If you have
Assuming the user is not attempting to infect the machine, or download questionable files, or browse very seedy web sites that tend to be... infected, I'd bet that more often than
When your computer is running well, use task manager and make a record of all the processes running. If your computer starts running bad, compare the lists and find whats different.
This is not a difficult process. Click on the first link below and choose save. Save the file to your desktop for convenience. Click on the icon and let rkill run. This should end
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According to a local computer technician the best way to get rid of a computer virus without going on the internet is to install an antivirus software from disc. ...
Sadly enough, I've had lots of different viruses on my computer. One of the cheapest ways to take a virus off is to download anti-virus software from well known ...
The worst I've came across is Brontok.a. It limits what you can do and is hard to get rid of. It disables regedit.exe, AntiVirus Software and other. Look up up ...
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