How Can I Get Rid of a Fever Blister Quickly?


A prescription anti-viral drug is the best remedy for those who are wondering how can I get rid of a fever blister quickly. Anti-viral drugs speed up recovery of affected blisters or sores. Some of these are acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir and penciclovir.
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Fever Blisters And Canker Sores Treatments
If preventative home health options, such as those below, do not lessen the symptoms of your fever blister or canker sore, see your doctor to rule out more serious conditions and to receive additional treatment options. There are a number of. . . More »
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1. Use a cool, wet cloth or piece of ice wrapped in a cloth on the fever blisters. Apply pressure to the area and keep it between your lips for at least five minutes. This will help
To get rid of a fever blister first wash the infected area with soap and warm water. Next you can take a hot tea bag and cover your blister. The tannin in the tea acts as an antiviral
Taking the vitamin Lysine when you start to feel tingling can
Not medical advice: A good way to get rid of fever blisters quickly is to apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on the sores. It will stop the sores from drying up.
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If you have a fever blister do to the herpes simplex virus you can get rid of the fever blister faster with use of antivirals. If the blister is caused by a fever ...
To get rid of fever blisters, you can use an over the counter medication that is Docosanol based. Other medications such as tannic acid, phenol and lysine are ...
The bad news is you never know what is going to trigger a breakout but, thanks to over the counter medications like Abreva you can shorten the outbreak time and ...
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