How Can I Get Rid of Crickets in My Basement?


To get rid of crickets in the basement, glue traps are the most efficient method. Placing a bit of cornmeal in the center of a gluetrap designed for catching mice will attract the crickets quickly.
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You can get rid of crickets in your basement in several ways. You can buy cans of spray to spray them and the area with. Be sure to spray around any openings such as doors. You can also hire a company to spray your home for crickets and other insects.
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1. Vacuum. While it won't rid you of the problem like cricket bait, it is a fast way to get to the ones in plain sight. 2. Buy a granular cricket bait such as Intice. Sprinkle this
There are many way to get rid of crickets, which is by poison, by creating something they like to eat in order catch them in. To get rid of crickets you can also try drowning them
Vacuum them when you see them and throw the bag or stuff in the container away without getting squashed bugs everywhere. Crickets are annoying.
Cricket traps can be spread around the basement in
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To get rid of cave crickets in a basement it is best to call an exterminator. They will be able to get to the nest and remove it. If calling an exterminator is ...
The best way to keep crickets away from your home is to keep your lawn at a trim level and to make sure your windows and doors are sealed Keep lights off outdoors ...
A cave cricket is a cricket with large hind legs that is found mainly in caves and occasionally in basements. They are harmless insects. ...
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