How to Get Rid of Nats?


Gnats are household pests that are very difficult to get rid off. The simplest home remedy is the vinegar bottle trap; fill a bottle with vinegar and close it. Poke several holes inside the cap and place it at a strategic corner or a place where you think the gnats are breeding. Gnats are attracted to the smell of vinegar; they will climb into the bottle through the holes but won’t be able to climb out.
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1. Clean the kitchen. Even if you have a very clean kitchen nats, or fruit flies, can accumulate and feed off of the smallest of bits of food. Take your time and do a thorough cleaning
Get those little sticky yellow fly trappers. They'll fly into them because they like the smell, and they won't be able to get it out. We set it up for flies, but some Nats we didn't
You have to cut off their food supply. Put fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator
Do you mean gnats? They're fruit flies. I know your house is tidy, but somewhere there is a plant, some food or even a little bit of water that they are using. If you can find it
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