How Can I Get Rid of the Pain Caused from CO2 during Surgery?


To get rid of pain associated from co2 during surgery, is to try and release gas, if you can. You can also try taking an antacid to help eliminate the gas in your system.
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In laser surguery a CO2 laser beam seals nerve endings and causes
hello there: if you can at all try this. Wrap a hot wet towel around your neck. That will help to relax the muscles nad nerves some. Here is a site that may help you more than i can
Sorry to hear about your mom's problem. It appears "Drop foot" is not an infrequent complication of hip surgery. I hope the problem clears up soon, and certainly I would
It sounds like you may have experienced a nerve injury due to compression from your lengthy surgery. This is probably something that should be reviewed by a medical malpractice attorney
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