How can I get the smell of spilt milk out of my carpet?


There are several remedies to remove spilt milk odors from carpeting that include baking soda and deodorizer powders. If the spill has penetrated through to the padding, rug shampoos allow for a deeper clean. Enzyme drench cleaners are also sufficient.

It is always a good idea to blot the carpeting with warm water prior to treating the area, as this helps to remove milk that has dried up and attached to the fibers. Once the area is dry, the next steps are to apply the deodorizer powder or baking soda and vacuum the carpeting after 15 minutes' time. Deodorizer powders and baking soda work well to soak up any remaining liquid as well as neutralize offensive odors.

Another popular home remedy that is both affordable and efficient is white vinegar. The first step in a white vinegar soak is to mix one part white vinegar with six parts warm water. The next step is to pour the mixture on the spill, allowing it to soak through to the padding. The vinegar mixture must remain on the carpeting for at least four hours, followed by blotting. Once the process is complete, it is important to open the windows or run a fan to remove any lingering vinegar smell.

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1. Pour 2 cups of warm water into a bowl. Add 1 tbsp. of dish detergent and 1 tbsp. of white vinegar. 2. Wet a cotton cloth with the vinegar and detergent mixture. Squeeze the cloth
Sprinkle on generous amounts of Bicarbonate of Soda (Sodium Bacarbonate). Leave for about 24hours and then vacuum up. If smell is particularly bad, may need to repeat process. Tried
Dilute some ammonia, get a cloth dip in the ammonia and ring out then rub over the spilt milk this will get rid of any residue and remove the smell.
Use lemons.
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