How Can I Get Weed out of My System in Two Days?


The best way to get weed out of your system within two days is to drink plenty of water. Drinking at-least 12 8 oz glasses a water per day will thin your blood and cause you to urinate a bunch. Don't hold the urine, go as often as you can to eliminate the weed quicker.
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Okay, first of all you may want to be ready to feel sick, but you need to drink at least 3 gallons of cranberry juice a day, in between you need to drink Just as much water, eat green
1. Remove all unhealthy foods from your cabinets. Box them up and give them away to your local food pantry if you are making a lifestyle change. Stock up on fruit and vegetable juices
There are many detox products that claim to help with this
1. Invent a time machine. 2. Use time machine to stop yourself from smoking weed. 3. Return to present and pass piss test. Source(s) Had to do it once.
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From what I have read, weed is a drug that can stay in the system for anywhere between 3 days up to 30 or more days. The more you smoke the longer it will take ...
To get weed out of your system in 3 days, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is the best way to eliminate weed and its remnants from your system. You can ...
You will only be able to pass a drug test in two days if the drugs you have used are out of your system. Each drug metabolizes in the body in a different time ...
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