How Can I Give Movie Ideas to Producers?


To give movie ideas to producers, you need to start by noting down all your ideas and the register your literature with the copy right office of the United States or even join the writters' club and do more research about the industry. You also need to identify upcoming movie producers who could pick interest in your work. Documenting your stories is very important, make copies and send them to your preferred producers and some will let you know if they like your ideas but one needs to be careful to get a good deal.
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You can find movie producers at conferences and pitch fests, where you can schedule periods with them to pitch stories.
1. Stay alert to legitimate writing competitions seeking original screenplays and teleplays. The most comprehensive listing of contest information can be found at along
Go on to and get the professional package (click the link for IMDBpro) - you have to pay for it but you'll get access to all of the contact info for producers in Hollywood.
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