How can I Hack a Verizon Wireless Online Account?


According to my local authorities, hacking someone's Verizon Wireless account requires specialized software used to snoop on someone's online activities. These software applications work by keeping a log of what they type. You would have to have the software and access to the person's computer. However, keep in mind that hacking anyone's account is illegal and could result in jail.
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WikiAnswers does not provide details for illegal activities, such as hacking into an account. Period.
First off, this is ILLEGAL. ANYTIME you gain access to someones account without permission is illegal. In regards to your circumstance, however, this would be exceptionally difficult
1. Get together with the person you would like to take over your Verizon Wireless account. 2. Dial Verizon Customer Service at 866-212-6653 and press the appropriate buttons to speak
I was not able to locate any methods of hacking into a
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Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, is the largest mobile telecommunications network and wireless phone provider in the United States... More>>
The only way to hack into the Verizon Wireless online accounts is to have the phone number and the password for the account. The password is set as the last 4 digits of a persons social number, but is prompted to change directly after the account is set up.
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